[Sonja Langford] 
based in CLT. teacher by day. writer by night. creative mind.
[design, photography, + videography]


i believe that when a wave comes you go deep; i believe in kindness and telling people you love them and appreciate them. when the skies blush my heart sings. i trip over my words a lot and laugh at myself for being a klutz. i'm crazy about lemondae (and am on a mission to try all of the in-house ones in Charlotte), but am serious about people. traveling (by foot, car, train, plane, or kayak), camping (preferably on a hill and in a hammock), and eating cinnamon rolls (warm and in pairs) is my jam. 


random fact: once ate 6 apples in a day. 


i live in the heart of north carolina, but home for me will always be found on the endless shoreline of the ocean, buried deep into the cool sand, and far out into the waves. i celebrate traditions, good stories, and grass stains earned during a family game of badminton. i celebrate the moments that will make you nostalgic in ten years. and i want to celebrate you and your story. 


passionate about stories. life motto: HE>i  [john 3:30]

likes: cello music, 70's and 80's television shows, jane eyre, salt and vinegar chips, jack johnson, the mysterious benedict society, subarus, love does, l.m. montgomery, the west coast